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Assemble your Fidelino

Plug the neck into the body. Disconnect neck and body with a straight and gentle pull for traveling and changing the string.
The design is simple and the geometry automatically correlates to a standard violin geometry.

The Fidelino has its integrated chinrest, a shoulderrest can be installed on the adjustable platform. For the Fidelino Piccolo both are integrated.
Adjust the shoulder rest for a comfortable support on your shoulder. The chin rest keeps the instrument from tipping over the shoulder.
The Fidelino has to be stable to provide free moving space for both hands.

The Fidelino is made in violin sizes. For the magnetic pickup, the string must be made with steel.
To change the string, disconnect the neck from the body.
Insert the ball end into the hole on the bottom side of the neck.
Pull the string atop the bridge over the saddle and into the peg hole.
Wind the string under the saddle and tighten it with the peg until it ist tuned at the labeled note.

The bow for the electric Fidelino is a 1/16th size classic violin bow.
Pay attention not to touch the horse hair, keep it save and loose.
Tighten the horse hair with the tension screw when playing.
Rosin on the horse hair let it stick to the strings. Apply colophony equally when it loses grip.
A new bow has no rosin on its hair, it cannot grab the string at all, and
a new rosin is glossy, for a good application roughen it with the bow hair..
For the first time, rub the rosin on the tightened hair, till it gets white with rosin powder. Not too much but constant, to get an even application.
Reapply only when the grip decreases, decent with maybe 2 stripes.

The Fidelino has a 3.5mm jack. Connect the 6.5mm jack end to an amplifier, audio interface or other electronic music devices.
The Fidelino Pickup is an electro magnetic and passiv specialized for bowed instruments. The unique and dynamic pickup sound is perfect for effects and distortion.

play your Fidelino

Hold the Fidelino on the shoulder and under the chin.
The shoulder and the chin rest are adjustable.
Both arms must be free to move easy.

Hold your bow on the frog with the thumb and the middle finger and index.
Control the violin bow with your trigger finger and pinkie.
You can modify the sound by bowing either closer to the pickup or bridge.
Try to bow perpendicular to the string and using the full length of the bow.

The one string electric violin Fidelino is silent unless an amplifier is connected. The Set contains a mini amplifier with headphone output.
An effizient way to play Fidelino is done by playing a melody by ear, a pre set flageolet in the center of the string is a perfect orientation to find the oktave.
Navigate through half steps and benefit from the identical violin neck geometry. Playing the Fidelino is similar to playing a Violin, except with one string.
Improving violin skills by playing Fidelino is NR1 purpose by the inventor. Fidelino supports playing violin by ear at its best.

The dumb is placed under the neck while the 4 other fingers come from above onto the string.
The octave is subdivided in 12 half steps.
Use the first 7 half notes after the keynote with the dumb in neck-end position.
Any half step above is oriented by the dumb in neck-body position.
At least 2 octaves and 24 half steps is all you need to play any violin melody.
Finger positions can be easily marked with a tuner for start up help.
Orientation is done by ear and the dumb between the neck positions.

You can play the Fidelino with an amplifier with loudspeakers, with an earphones or without amplifier.

Fidelino is an one string electric violin, there are many possibilities to modify the sound. This can be done with amplifiers, effects, computer and phone apps.
This silent one string violin can be used as trainings tool at night and outdoors.
The Fidelino pickup is optimized for bowed instruments and has a unique amplified electric violin sound.
Composing a melody is best done with a small range music instrument like the Fidelino, before expanding it to a wide range scale.
It can be used as effect tool on stage.